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Parental Permission/Student Enrollment Form

Instant Student Academic Achievement Center Inc./National Preschool Reading Initiative 

Child's Name: ______________________________ DOB: _____/______/_______ Parent's Name: _____________________________________

Home Phone: (_____)-________________ Cell Phone: (______)-______________ email: ____________________________________________ 

Address; _______________________________ City: __________________ State: ______________      Zip:__________- ______

Where does child spend waking hours?   ______at home _____with babysitter  _______  in a formal day care or preschool  __________head start

I give my permission for my child, ____________________________________________ to participate in the National Preschool Reading

                                                                                    print child's name

Initiative sponsored by INSTANT STUDENT ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT CENTER.  I understand that me and my child can access this program on a computer and/or a smart phone.  I understand that this is an opportunity for me to, not only get involved, but to get engaged in my child's learning-to-read process.  If I am a *full participant I will also receive 10 independent reinforcement writing exercise for each lesson via my email; to be completed by my child after each one of the 34 lessons contained in the program.  As a *full participant, I look forward to receiving many congratulatory communications as my child progresses through the program, and a certificate upon completion.  I will take advantage of the opportunity to personally preview a lesson by logging in at, selecting unit one from the drop down menu and selecting lesson 1, "The Long A Sound"  from the drop-down menu.

_________________________________________________________    ________________________

                                        Signature of Legal Guardian                                                     Date

* a full participant is one who has been duly enrolled with the inclusion of total program management provided by ISAAC.