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The Water Cycle 6.0 reading level


This ISAAC Reading Intervention Program story is a delightful academic treat for emergent readers – even if they have never read with comprehension and fluency before. The instructional procedure and methodology makes all the difference, by simultaneously utilizing virtually all of the popular reading methodologies (i.e. phonics, whole word, whole language, language experience, linguistic, et al). This allows students’ with different learning styles to process information quickly. Phonetically-deaf students, global and other odd-learners no longer have to depend solely on programs utilizing only one or two methodologies to acquire all of the skills necessary for reading success.

Students are amazed to learn that a dinosaur might have stepped in the they drank last night.  Their expressive/receptive vocabulary explodes as they realized the earth has a fixed amount of water that keeps going around and around in what is known as "The water cycle".  Students comprehension will dramatically improve with every exercise.  Students will appreciate a new (or renewed) relationship with the printed page with an expressive vocabulary consisting of words like, precipitation, condensation, phases and evaporation.

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