Instant Reading Achievement
The Burt Road Show, award winning ISAAC early reading interventions and Much Much More

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"The Burt Road Show"
 Where prechoolers learn to read and others learn to read better, and
Isaac Reading Interventions 
a reading intervention progam that really works for every student.

 another great ISAAC Urban Education Initiative; where at-risk Title One preschoolers learn to read, and other at-risk students and adults with marginal reading skills, learn to read better

Yes, even at-risk preschoolers read three books fluently, effortlessly and with excellent comprehension before ever entering kindergarten - all while having more fun than playing in the sandbox.  They will recognize 226 key words, read 72 sentences containing 340 words running "before" starting kindergarten.

Find out how tax exempt organizations can receive the school computer-adapted version of this program, with diagnostic/ prescriptive assessments, talking books and over 340 lesson-related independent skill-building reinforcement activities, valued at over $4,500, ABSOLUTELY FREE.